Attention: Mercy Birth Center is only accepting clients due up to or prior to the end of September, 2019. After years of providing midwifery care in the Treasure Valley, Mercy Birth Center will be closing its doors at the end of the year. It has been an honor serving the community, women, and families

Midwives Care

Childbirth is a healthy, natural process. When progressing naturally, it is not a medical emergency and should not be treated as one. A Certified Professional Midwife provides evidence-based care that protects the sanctity and sanity of mother and baby. Midwives support you to labor and birth in a personalized way which is truly best for you. Birth with a Certified Professional Midwife at home or at the birth center is proven to be a safe option which can facilitate wonderful outcomes and satisfaction with the birth process as a whole.

Midwives are skilled at preserving the natural, physiological progress of labor because their care is centered around a deep respect for the normalcy of birth. This consideration of every mother's unique needs promotes health and helps prevent complications.


Prenatal and Postpartum Appointments

Imagine having enough time during an appointment to actually ask all of your questions of your care provider. Prenatal and postpartum appointments are an opportunity for you to check in with your midwife while she also checks up on you and your baby. Aside from the health benefits of having regular check ups, having a positive and supportive relationship with your care provider has been proven to have physiological and psychological benefits for the entire childbearing process, from early pregnancy to postpartum.


Birth Center Birth

Atmosphere affects the body’s ability to release endorphins which can reduce pain. It affects the release of hormones that facilitate bonding with a new baby. Atmosphere can be connected to the progress of the labor, the level of stress involved, and even the likelihood of complications. It is one of the single largest factors that we can use to the benefit of the mother and child. A comfortable environment and trusting relationship with your care provider creates a safer and more satisfying birth experience.


Home Birth

Choosing home birth allows for a truly uninterrupted childbirth experience. You can enjoy the gentle surroundings of your own home throughout your entire labor and birth. You have ultimate freedom to choose how you will spend your labor and whom will spend it with you. The lower levels of stress in women who experience childbirth in a familiar and comfortable environment have proven to lower complications for the mother and baby.